The Foothill Workforce Investment Board (FWIB) is a 32-member board comprised of business owners, corporate executives, local educational organizations, labor unions, economic development agencies, government entities and community based organizations. FWIB oversees the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program and other workforce development programs.  FWIB and FETC, are located at 1207 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91106, and are funded through the federal Workforce Investment Act.

The mission of the Foothill WIB is to provide an employment and training service delivery system that is responsive to the needs of employers and job seekers by establishing a public and private partnership which will provide high quality programs and services that addresses the demands of the local labor market.
The FWIB Guiding Principles are:

• Building a strong system that will support economic development and will lead to good, living wage jobs for all
• Providing opportunities for lifelong learning for the purpose of career advancement
• Preparing a workforce that meets the changing needs of employers and helps businesses remain competitive
• Building a cohesive, flexible, and responsive system which strives for continuous improvement
• Promoting future independence and individual accountability of our customers
• Integrating partner organizations into the delivery system to provide full employment and on-going support for job seekers and employers

Foothill Employment and Training Connection (FETC)
FWIB directs the Foothill Employment and Training Connection (FETC) One Stop Center which provides provide effective employment and training strategies to meet the needs of the local labor market.  FETC is the cornerstone of the FWIB service delivery system.  The facility is located at 1207 East Green Street in Pasadena.  FETC provides workforce development services for job seekers and business.

FETC offers:

Public Resource Area - computers connected to a variety of Internet job match system are available to the general public.
Resource Lab - equipped with computers, telephones, a printer, fax machine, copier, and Internet access.
Computer Training Lab - a hands-on learning lab and classroom for short-term basic computer training.
Workshop/Conference Rooms - multipurpose meeting rooms for a variety of training sessions, workshops and business services.

Most services are focused through the self-service option at FETC. The core service component provides tools to assist the job seeker make an effective job search. Services available at the Foothill Employment and Training Connection include:

• Career Training Information  
• Career Assessment
• Internet Job Search Assistance
• Labor Market Information
• On-Site Workforce Development Partners
• Job Search Workshops
• Veteran Services
• Comprehensive & Specialized Assessment
• Individual Employment Planning & Counseling
• Case Management
• Educational Remediation
• Work Experience
• Skills Upgrade Training
• On-the-Job Training (OJT)
• Youth Programs

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      Analysis of the FETC by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI)
         Benefit-Cost Analysis of WIA Programs and Regional Economic Impact of WIB Operations
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     FWIB Communications Plan
       Objective: To increase the awareness of FWIB among employers and potential participants
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     FWIB WIA 5-Year Strategic Plan
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